Analogy Essay – Why Cooking is Therapeutic For Me

After a big day at school or work, one would think that I would be to tired to do anything else but go to bed. However, when I get home I know that a beautiful treasure chest full of gold is waiting for me in the kitchen. That chest is my beautiful stainless steel refrigerator and the gold inside of it… you guessed it! It’s tons of different condiments that will soon be anything my culinary imagination can make up.

My favourite thing to make is soup. It doesn’t get anymore relaxing then that. When you’re at a spa in that big luxurious hot bath with all of the naturel oils blending together, well, making soup is exactly that. All of your worries are put aside and you can feel the warmth of that sumptious celery cream soup fill your nostrils. Without a doubt, cutting the vegetables and then blending them is like taking all of those test results or what ever else you can think of and chopping them into a million little pieces until it creates that beautiful creamy texture. Then comes the cooking and mixing of all the problems you have. At first, it boils and you can see the cream and puréed vegetables come together and disolve that big day away. Then, it cools down and let’s that beautiful aroma take over your entire house. In the end, when you actually get to taste it, it glides down your throat with such delicate comfort that everything else doesn’t matter anymore.

In other words, I don’t need to go to a spa to get a nice relaxing massage. I have a wonderful little island waiting for me to discover it’s treasures and let everything else melt away in that big bowl of soup.

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Chapter 6 Cause and effect

1. Attending college has changed my life.

Always busy

New responsabilities

New friendships

2. Anxiety is not unusual in school-age children.

Don’t want to disappoint their parents

Don’t want to fail exams

Afraid of their teachers

New environment

3. Drunk drivers are potential killers.

Lost of their reaction time

 They are carefree because they’re more relaxed

Alcohol affects their vision

4. There are several advantages (or disavantages) to living at home while going to college.

You’re not obliged to work

Parents cook for you

You don’t have to pay a rent

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Essay – Definition of Beauty

Beauty. if you look in the dictionnary it’ll give this as it’s description: “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.), a meaningful design or pattern, or something else (as a personality in which high spiritual qualities are manifest).”

However, in todays world beauty is all about the image that you portray. But if you ask me, it goes further then that. Beauty can differ from one person to another. Everyone has a different view of what it is. From my point of view, everyone has there own beauty and it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t agree because when you’ll ask someone else they might just think you’re the most beautiful person in the whole world. Your personality, your image and your energy are all factors that will have an effect on your beauty. 

The reality of it all is different. How is it different? Well, if you go for a job interview and the person beside you is more attractive according to the interviewer, that might just have an effect on who get’s the job.

In the end, it is very hard to descrbe what beauty is, but, my perfect image of the word would be someone who is beautiful inside and out.

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The weekend Man


              2 définitions:

Weekend man  (author gives many explanations of the word): A person who has abandoned the present in favour of the past or the future.

 Diversion: Anything that removes us from the ordinary present.

2. Weekend definition (Webster):  the end of the week; specifically : the period between the close of one work or school week and the start of the next

When you think about the weekend, there is only one word that comes to mind: Break. We tthink about how much fun we are going to have with our family and friends. It is a way to get through the week. I love weekends.

3. Nostalgies: a memory of the past.. but in this case it isn’t something you want to remember in his case.

Thundering ironies: he meant that everything he does, is done by looking back in the past and in the futur but never being satisfied with the present.

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Devil’s Dictionnary Definition of Life

LIFE, n.

A spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay. We live in daily apprehension of its loss; yet when lost it is not missed. The question, “Is life worth living?” has been much discussed; particularly by those who think it is not, many of whom have written at great length in support of their view and by careful observance of the laws of health enjoyed for long terms of years the honors of successful controversy.

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Classification Essay – vacations

As we all know, travelling can be tricky when you have to determine where you want to go and why. Furthermore, planning a trip is harder then it seems because you need to narrow down the reasons you would want to travel to that specific location. These reasons can be divided in 6 different categories: to celebrate a romance, to discover your dream destination and to create family memories.

One of the reasons you go on vacation is to celebrate a romance but there are different types of celebrations. For example, an anniversary, a marriage, a couples retreat and the list goes on.  This type of trip allows the couple to be alone, relax and rekindle their love. In other words, this type of trip could be anywhere in the world as long as your with that special person.

Secondly, if you want to discover that special destination that you’ve always dreamed about, the best way to do it is to go on vacation at that specific place. Some of us have always wanted to go see a Broadway play in New York City, go on a safari in Africa or even climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With so many options it is crucial to choose one and to go see if you get that special feelin`; the one where you never want to leave. In brief, you can dream all you want but it won’t be until you go that you will discover if it truly is what you’ve dreamed of.

Third is those amazing family vacations. Personnally, this is my favourite type of trip. Ususally, families go for the obvious vacations such as Florida or Punta Cana. This is meant for the whole family to relax and get to spend quality time together which isn’t possible at home. In the end all that matters is that you have fun and enjoy yourself wherever you are.

To sum up, vacations are a way to escape your life for a short period of time and take time in your busy life to enjoy yourself.

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Classifications and Definition – p.27-30

Exercise 12


Written communication: newspapers, letters, magazines, books

Spoken communication: Radio and television reports, private conversation, public speaking

Nonverbal communication: gestures, facial expressions, posture, clothing


1. Cars

1.1: German: Volkswagen

1.2: Japanese: Toyota

1.3: American: GM

2. Professional sports

2.1: American sports: football and hockey 

2.2: European sports: rugby and soccer (they call it football)

Answers to questions from A Few Kind Words for Superstition

1. Four forms based on theology

2. Vain Observances, Divination, Idolatry and Improper Worship of the True God

3. Because most people believe in superstitions for many reasons. But they don’t seem to be able to eliminate this belief as it becomes a habit. Also, they don’t seem to want to eliminate this belief just to have a reason behind their good or bad luck.

4. The author wants to share his own experience and demonstrate his views on the subject. He saves it for last to make the text more familiar to the reader. Also, it is a good way to conclude your text.

5. On the different belief over the world. Whether it is geographical or demographical.


a) Downsizing: to reduce the quantity of 

alternative rock: style of rock music

hotdogging: the act of showing off to be the center of attention at all times

cobbler: a deep-dish fruit pie with a rich biscuit crust, usually only on top

b) busybody: a person who pries into or meddles in the affairs of others

Con artist: a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim

Graduated licensing: a system that licenses new drivers

astrology: the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs

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Let’em Eat Leftovers

The daily chores of a stay-at-home women are to make sure everything is running properly from the cooking to the cleaning of the house. Since he has played the role of a “housewife” for a whole year, the author thinks that these women deserve more recognition for what they do because as it is, they don’t get that much. Two suggestions are made to acknowledge their hard work: a new title and their husbands awarding them a payroll.

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Exam practice – How does the ability to communicate effectively affect your job performances

  1.  It reduces misunderstandings
    1. Avoids conflicts
    2. A better team work method
  2. It will allow you to get promoted more often 
  3. Also, it will give you a better interpersonal relationship with both clients and colleagues/managers

 Through our daily activities we don’t grasp the importance of communicating effectively and the importance it has in our lives. If we narrow it down to the ability to communicate at work, it is crucial to develop good interaction skills because whether we like it or not it will affect our job performances.  If you think about it, communicating efficaciously will reduce misunderstandings; it will allow you to build excellent interpersonal relationships with your colleagues, your clients and your managers. On top of that, it is proven that a better communication will allow you to get promoted faster and more often.

 All communication has two parts: a sender and a receiver. More often than none, the sender won’t have communication skills and that will affect how the receiver will interpret the message.

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Review of Transitional Words and Phrases – p.52


1. She had to make arrangements with her boyfriend that evening. Furthermore, she has to contact him.

2. My friend is a great painter. Moreover, she enjoys art classes.


1. He didn’t brush his teeth that morning. Consequently, he needed to buy gum.

2. Emily hates Mexican food. Hence, she is not very keen on going to Los Angeles.

3. It is fall in New York City. Therefore, New York Fashion Week will be presenting the winter collections.

4. Jack hates garlic, thus, Italian cuisine is not his favourite.

5. It will be raining tomorow. We will have to dress accordingly.


1. My new nail polish is very thick likewise my old one seems more liquid.

2. Not only do I hate exercising, but also dieting isn’t easy for me.

3. Neither am I happy to see my ex-boyfriend nor am I excited to meet his new girlfriend.


1. She’s on a diet. Yet, she drinks regular coke all the time.

2. Milk is not good for you. Nevertheless, you can replace it with soy milk.

3. Despite her bad mood, she still went to work.

4.In spite of her car being at the garage, she still managed to get to school on time.  

5. You can add the flower to melted butter, or, conversely, add the melted butter to the flour.

6. My political class is uninteresting. Nonetheless, it is interesting and informative.

7.While Ben was in the shower, Gia was putting on her make-up.


1. Taking walks and having good eating habits will help you lose wait. Hence, it is called a diet.


1. I am going to a party. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is playing video games.

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