Classification Essay – vacations

As we all know, travelling can be tricky when you have to determine where you want to go and why. Furthermore, planning a trip is harder then it seems because you need to narrow down the reasons you would want to travel to that specific location. These reasons can be divided in 6 different categories: to celebrate a romance, to discover your dream destination and to create family memories.

One of the reasons you go on vacation is to celebrate a romance but there are different types of celebrations. For example, an anniversary, a marriage, a couples retreat and the list goes on.  This type of trip allows the couple to be alone, relax and rekindle their love. In other words, this type of trip could be anywhere in the world as long as your with that special person.

Secondly, if you want to discover that special destination that you’ve always dreamed about, the best way to do it is to go on vacation at that specific place. Some of us have always wanted to go see a Broadway play in New York City, go on a safari in Africa or even climb the Eiffel Tower in Paris. With so many options it is crucial to choose one and to go see if you get that special feelin`; the one where you never want to leave. In brief, you can dream all you want but it won’t be until you go that you will discover if it truly is what you’ve dreamed of.

Third is those amazing family vacations. Personnally, this is my favourite type of trip. Ususally, families go for the obvious vacations such as Florida or Punta Cana. This is meant for the whole family to relax and get to spend quality time together which isn’t possible at home. In the end all that matters is that you have fun and enjoy yourself wherever you are.

To sum up, vacations are a way to escape your life for a short period of time and take time in your busy life to enjoy yourself.

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